• Student Resources

    CCC provides supportive resources to help you reach your goals.

    At CCC we want you to graduate and get a great career you enjoy. How can we help you be successful? Whether you need academic support, direction about your career path or guidance to overcome challenges in your personal life, CCC is a committed partner in helping you accomplish your life goals.

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    CCC is Helping You Reach Your Goals

  • I need help to succeed in college

    You’ve made a great choice for your future by deciding to go to college. What kind of support do you need to accomplish your goals while you’re here? CCC is here for you along the way.

    I'm not sure what I want to do

    You’ll save time and money once you decide what you want to do as a career and how to get there. CCC offers a number of ways to help match your skills and interests to get you moving toward a bright future.

    Am I on track to reach my goals?

    You may be closer to your dreams than you ever thought. Check your graduation status here or locate resources to help you gain the work experience that can put you on the path toward your dream career.

  • Support and Resources to Help you Succeed


    Child care

    The YMCA has a child care facility located on CCC's Oregon City campus, and the ASG offers grants to help parents with young children cover the cost of child care while they are attending class.
    clothing and food

    Food and clothing

    CCC’s student government maintains a small pantry in the Community Center full of non-perishable food, gently used clothing, school supplies and hygiene items that are free for students.


    Associated Student Government offers a limited number of small grants to help cover the costs of fees, textbooks and child care for students who need it. ASG also provides grants for veterans.
    textbook exchange

    Textbook Assistance

    The Associated Student Government offers textbook consignment, book exchange and grants in the Student Life and Leadership office in the Community Center.
    upcoming events

    Upcoming Events

    From support groups and workshops to plays and concerts, the CCC events calendar is a great place to learn what’s happening on any of our three campuses.
    short term loans

    Short-Term Loans

    The college offers a limited number of small loans to fill the gap between the time you apply for financial aid and your money comes through. The loaned money can only be used to pay for required books or supplies.
    community resources

    Community Resources

    In addition to all the resources available on campus, Clackamas County and other regional partners can provide various kinds of help to students in need, including health care, shelter and much more.

    Transportation Help

    CCC’s online transportation center can help you find a carpool partner, the easiest bus or bike routes and where to park during high-traffic times at the college.
    Career Coaching (2)

    Career Services

    If you need help knowing what jobs best fits your skills or how to write a great resume and cover letter, Career Services can help you get ready for that next step.

    Work Experience

    If you need on-the-job experience, our Cooperative Work Experience, Internship and Apprenticeship Preparation programs can help you get your foot in the door.

    Moodle User Help

    Moodle is CCC’s online learning platform that is used for both online classes and as a companion for many on-campus classes.
    forms and documents

    Forms and Documents

    Everything from the admission application to the petition to graduate can be found on our convenient forms and documents page.
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